“I have been using the Lavender and Angel Baby for over a year. We have bought so many bars and recommend it to anyone. Love love them goats!” ~ Jo Ann Chapmon


“I have a new love! After using the Cucumber and Green Tea bar soap and body butter for almost one week, my skin is more nourished, hydrated and supple. My doctor complemented me today on how good my skin looked! I was stoked! I have tried so many moisturizers over the past years for my over-50 skin that I had almost given up. I love the simple, all natural ingredients in the Nuluv products—-they are so much healthier than all the commercial additives. Very grateful to have found Nuluv at the Downtown Farmer’s Market!” ~ Mariah McQueen


“I received some goats milk soap as a gift from a friend in Texas and forgot the brand to get some more. Since I don’t live in Texas I thought I’d never get more. I was beyond happy to find Nuluv at the vintage market days and found the exact soap that I fell in love with. I stocked up before I left, and will order more now I know who makes it! Thank you for beautiful products and great service Nuluv!” ~ Lindsay Rowe


“Everything is amazing! This week we bought 7 bars of soap because we loved all the scents. Next week I plan to pick out a body butter, I sampled one today and the smell is driving me crazy! These are the best goats milk soap products I’ve had in a long time. Y’all are wonderful- Thank you!” ~ Bekah Jordan


“I picked out a body butter in Canton a few months ago, and my mom just surprised me with it for my birthday! I am literally in love! I have very sensitive, pimple-prone skin and this stuff leaves me skin supple and moisturizer yet break-out free! And the smell stays ALL day. I will never buy any other kind of lotion again!” ~ Hailey Brown


“Ah-mazing! I’m a fan since the day I sampled the body butter and saw how my skin absorbed the moisture & felt ultra-silky within minutes. The soaps have literally cleared up my dry skin patches (oily skin that also dries out too much). So, I agree with a previous reviewer: “I absolutely LOVE this product, and NuLuv’s customer service is top notch!” Starry Night body butter is the most alluring, enigmatic, luxurious scent I have ever experienced. I highly recommend NuLuv Goat Milk products to anyone! You’ll fall in love and never look back.”  ~ Debbie Garcia


“I love Nuluv!  My Angel Baby lotion has garnered many, many compliments.  Not only does it smell delicious, but it is soft and smooth – a delight to wear!”  ~ Bettye Carpenter


“I absolutely love these products.  I am a huge fan of all natural products.  These are hand-made in their kitchen, from their own hard of dairy goats.  Great products made by great people!  Check out the face moisturizer!”  ~ Sharon Allen


“I’m a beer drinking, wood building, beard growing, make fires, go camping and stay up all night kind of man . . .with psoriasis and I have to say I love your grapefruit soap.  Please never stop making it!”  ~ Isaac Espinoza


“I tried everything . . . and I mean EVERYTHING to take away my skin problems.  Until I found Nuluv!  It is great to have found a natural remedy.  Thank you so much for this wonderful product!”  ~Dora Lupo


“Yesterday, August 18, 2012, I met you at the Fall Home and Garden show in Austin. I purchased a bottle of your face moisturizer. I have rosacea. I had had a new cyst form on my nose on Thursday August 16, 2012. Last night I used your moisturizer for the firrt time and when I woke up this morning it was gone! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? no pun inteneded! GONE! The other cyst that had been festering for three weeks is so soft and squishy. Rosacea cysts are never soft or squishy! THANKS and many Thanks for this awesome product. ” ~ Priscilla Brewer, Austin TX


[sticky]”Best facial moisturizer I have ever used.  I used the body butter on my son’s cracking feet and what a difference!  The soap immediatly got rid of my rash.  Love love love Nuluv Goat Milk Products!”     ~Ellerie Strunk[/sticky]

“I have dealt with psoriasis for 30 years.  I love this body butter!  Works very well and does not react with my very sensitive skin.  I keep it in the fridge, very refreshing on a hot summer day!”  ~Kelli in Livingston, TX


“Linda (my MIL) was wearing the lotion in the “angel baby” scent, and she noticed herself walking around the house wondering what that wonderful fragrance was and where it was coming from . . . Finally, she realized it was the lotion on her body!  She now wears it religiously every night before bed.  She said her heels look better now after using the lotion than any pedicure from the spa!!”   ~ Sarah Motlon


“Being highly allergic to weeds and grass, I had a persistant itchy and painful rash on both feet.  Over the counter remidies didn’t help.  After washing and using only Nuluv Goat Milk Products, I am SO happy to be rash free!  I use these products exclusively.”  ~JoJ. of Hunt, TX


“Although my wife was already sold on the product, I was a little skeptical at first about goat milk.  Only after reading about it, did I give it a try.  And now, I won’t even stay in a hotel without bringing my Nuluv Goat Soap!”  ~ Chris Strunk, La Familia Salsa Company


“I bought some of your lotions with matching bar soaps and body butters from a shop that I was working in. I was hesitant to try them because too many products make these great claims and honestly, they have always been a huge letdown. And, a lot of them claim to be gentle enough to be used on babies. Well, let me tell you, they are NOT baby friendly! Too many times, my granddaughter would get terrible rashes, hives and so many more horrendous things! Even from the products made exclusively for babies! So, when my boss told me how much she loved the products, I reluctantly tried them. The first time I tried them, I became an avid user!!! The baby’s skin was SO soft and supple!!! She NEVER developed a rash or had any adverse reaction what so ever!!! Now this is the ONLY lotion we use on her! She is now 18 months old and has been using ONLY Nuluv lotions since she was 4 months old!
My husband is a jet aircraft mechanic in the United States Navy, so his skin always gets so dry and starts to crack and split open. After using the soap and lotion, his skin cleared up! After the first 2 days, there was such an improvement that his doctor asked for a sample to try for himself! ”       ~JuLee M.


“I bought a bar of your Angel Baby soap at a feed store outside of Houston over a year ago.  I accidentally packed it away but ran across it a couple of weeks ago and just love it.  I have tried several other goat milk soaps that are so hard and the smell doesn’t last once you use it.  I wish I would have bought more of your soap.  It is so creamy and the smell is intoxicating.  I am extremely picky about scents but I love this one so much I can’t wait to order all of the products you offer in this scent.  Besides the delightful way I smell, my bathroom constantly smells like I have a candle burning just from using the soap in the shower every day.  I have very sensitive skin and dry skin and I am changing to your soap for good!  It’s just lovely!  And of course I love the name too . . . Angel Baby . . . it is what my boyfriend calls me  :)”  ~ Lori Foux, of Houston TX


“I Absolutely Love all these products.” My husband and I could not believe how well these products really work. I have so much trouble with my skin and when I started using the soap and the body butter, you could see the difference right away. I use it on my kid and they love it. Thank you so much.”    ~ Cindy G.


“I tried the facial moisturizer and noticed red spots on my face started disappearing. I love the way my face feels after using this product no greasy feeling either.  Thank you so much!  ~ Vicki Black


“I live in the Texas panhandle. Needless to say, it is extremely dry in this  part of Texas. I saw Nu-Luv products while visiting south texas and bought Angel  Baby Body Butter and bath soap.
My cabinet was filled with lotions and bath soaps claiming to prevent  dryness. None worked. NuLuv really  prevents dry skin and cracking. I have ordered Angel Baby Body Butter via mail  and buy NuLuv products when in South Texas.”  ~ Pat from Amarillo
“I was at the Hondo Christmas in God’s Country annual booth this morning ( Nov. 17, 2012) and I saw a big sign that had goat milk. Just the other day I was watching “Dr. Oz” in which I rarely watch but this segment was about goat milk. I was like wow I need to try that! So I had my son in tow and we stopped by your booth. I bought a “Summer Bouquet” lotion, 3 bars of soap (2 cinnamon and one herbal mist), and 2 chappies, one for me and one for my son. He put some on since he had cracking lips and 3 hours later they look moisturized and he says it feels much better than the store bought chapsticks. I suffer from dry skin especially during the winter season and this works wonders. Good quality and a nice range of fragrances to choose from and all at an affordable price!”
~ Erica & Nicolas
“I recently visited my best friend in Texas who turned me on to the Nuluv products and I am hooked! I bought the Pear Brandy Chappie at High’s in Comfort and bought the Spiced Tea body butter at Trade Days in Fredericksburg. I absolutely love both! The Chappie makes your lips so soft and smells so good. The body butter feel so good on your skin but is not greasy. It lasts awhile too after you put it on. I put it on the other day not knowing I was going to be outside to get sweaty which required me to shower and after I showered, I could still feel the softness of the body butter on my skin. My boyfriend also loves the great fall scent of the Spiced Tea. You definitely have to try it!” ~Angie Randolph