All of our lotions, body butters, and bar soaps are available in these fantastic fragrances!

Amazing Grace – a bouquet of lily, jasmine & hyacinth

Angel Baby – a woody floral with patchouli & jasmine

Lavender – an herbal, European fragrance

Black Dress – combination of roses, blood orange, carnation, musk & patchouli

Herbal Mist – a fantastically clean fragrance of tropical flowers

Grapefruit – like a taste of grapefruit, sprinkled with sugar

Starry Night – a warm blend of sandalwood, pine & amber

Sweet Almond – a sweet combo of almonds & black cherry

Scruffy – our special blend for him. It’s a light scent, reminiscent of bayrum, with a warm touch of amber. This is the blend we use in our Billy Goat Scruff shave soap, calming cream, and 2-n-1 Shampoo Bar

Seasonal Scents

Blue Moon – fresh blend of herbal teas and melon

Summer Lovin’ – a flirty combo of sweet corn, coconut, orchids & apricot

Beach Blanket – our original beach blend of creamy coconut, warm vanilla, and sweet mandarin oranges

Spiced Tea – a classic fall combo of cinnamon oil, cloves and orange peel

Texas Snowflake – a crisp blend of peppermint & sandalwood (I’m from S. Texas – this is what snow flakes smell like in my imagination)