8.8.2010 Beauty Day and more than you ever wanted to know about Billy goats

The girls got all dolled up this afternoon. Pedicures for every one, new necklaces, cydectin cocktails (wormer med) and a CDT injection. Then they were photographed and cast into a breeding pen with their arranged sire. Oh, Juke-Box was excited. I could smell him all the way in the house (not really, but I can hear him in the house). He has gotten so rutty the past month. You can smell him if you drive my him with your windows down. Rutty, if you don’t know, is the term used to describe the stinkiness of the male hormone billy goats produce. I won’t get too graphic, but if there is not a doe to service when a bily goes into his rut, he simply services anyway and it sprays all over him. And it STINKS! Poor Crimson didn’t stand a chance. She’s been in heat for a day or two and he was all over her before we even shut the gate! I expect her to be the first to kid in December.