6.8.2010 Suspended Account

BOO!!!! I have been out of commision for 4 days. Well, not me, but our website has. We finally have things straightened out. Apparently, I have more to learn regarding the differences in website hosting and domain names. Boring. But that’s all behind us now and we are back on line. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

So, I lost the kid I wrote about last time. I did every thing I could think of. Probiotics, microbiotics, goat drench (for whatever that is worth), vitamin E, vitamin B, penacilin. I think he was doomed from the get go, and that is why Cactus kicked him off. But I had to try. We did our best. His siblings are doing great and growing like weeds. We disbudded and tattooed all of the May babies this past Sunday. That was a bit traumatic for some of them. It is crazy how big a couple of the bucklings already are. Moon River, for example, probably weighs 5 more pounds than his twin brother. He is going to be quite a herd sire. Speaking of bucklings, why are the bucklings always prettier than the doelings? Em kidded yesterday. Em, the crazy goat. She had triplets. Two bucklings and a doeling. One of the bucklings is the cutest thing ever. He is white with caramel trim and a big caramel spot right in the center of his back. The other buckling is black, and the doelings is a carmel color with a white belt. I kidnapped them this morning and they are on my porch now. She didn’t even care. She watched me and didn’t cry out once. The babies, on the other hand, still seem a bit concerned.