5.31.2010 Goat Work

We worked our goats today. The whole herd got hoof trims, wormers, and any other meds they needed. This includes the babies. Poor little ones. Three of them got disbudded. I felt so bad. I don’t feel as bad when we disbud other people’s goats. They don’t know me and don’t trust me to begin with. But my little bottle babies happily followed me into the milk parlor, jumping and bleeting. Then were just thrilled to be picked up and loved on. Then, wham, the iron came down on their sweet little skulls. And I held them there. Castor genuinly seemed mad at me. He ran off when I tried to pick him up to take him back to the kid pen, and wouldn’t come when I called him. AND, we decided to go ahead and let Tonto get to work. He is our youngest billy. He was born last February, so he’s almost 16 months. He made his first trip to the breeding pen today. We walked Glow Bug and Jewel up there for his services. Jewel is my favorite. If I am allowed a favorite. She is a month younger than Tonto. Bling’s doeling from last year. The prettiest goat I have ever seen. Her face is so sweet and elegant. And, of course, I spoiled her. She’s been crying all afternoon. She has never been away from the barn before. She sounds terrified. I can not even see the breeding pen from my house, but I can hear her. But I am already excited to see her babies from Tonto. He is so handsome, and I just know they will have AMAZING kids. They should be here a little before Thanksgiving. I am going to start thinking of names now, because I am keeping them for Nuluv. I love naming goats . . .Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download