5.30.2010 When the cat’s away, the mice will play

We left town this weekend. First time in about 4 months. And the first time in almost 2 years we were gone longer than one night. You can’t just leave on a whim when you have dairy animals. Some body has to be around to milk. Daily. Twice daily. So we arranged for goat sitters. We had a highschool kid from the ag department milk half the time and a family friend did the other half. And boy did they get to work. About 4 hours before we left Friday, Lady Cactus kidded. We saw all the signs and hoped she would wait until Sunday, but of course she didn’t. She had healthy triplets. One doeling and two bucklings. Normally, I let the mamas keep the kids 12 or 15 hours, and then I kidnap them. I decided to let Cactus keep her babies until we got back. So off we went to Llano. I think the goats saw the RV leaving and knew what was going on. Party time. The billies proceeded to bust through a gate and reak havoc. When our goat sitter arrived, he found the gate open and the billies gone. They ate a bunch of plants, broke a table, broke a marble shelf, trampled over the bird bath . . . . that’s what we have discovered so far. They were found in the pastures with the does. Great. I’ll be marking the calendar. So that was Friday night. Saturday night, when our friend got here, she found one of the new babies half dead. Apparently, Cactus isn’t the greatest mama. Which is why I always kidnap my babies. She ended up taking the baby home with her and bottle feeding it for about 20 hours. When we got home we gave it some probiotics and he seems to be doing better. Watch Passengers (2016)