5.24.2010 Castration (this one gets a bit graphic)

Been a busy week around here. Soap sales are keeping me crazy. Not that I am complaining, I just want to find time to blog more often that once every four days. This past Sunday, we did farrier work. I have never had to participate in the castration business. Until Sunday. Eleven bucklings became whethers. I swore I would close my eyes so I wouldn’t puke. I didn’t. Didn’t puke that is. It really wasn’t all that gross. I held the bucklings upside down, with their head between my knees and their back legs spread wide apart. Trey, using a pair of sharp scissors, would snip off the end of the sac. Then he would squeeze two fingers in their and pull one testicle out. Then just yank it off. The second testicle would work itself over and he’d rip that one out too. There was no blood. Then he’d just roll the skin together and we’d spray it with some wound coat. Then send the poor fella on his way. Simple as that.streaming movie Ghost in the Shell