5.19.2010 Eviction Day

It has been the crazy busiest week ever. We have been bottle feeding 10-15 kids, and milking 12 goats. The oldest batch of kids moved off my front porch this morning and were relocated to the kid pen in the barn. YAY! Some of the older ones are already so much bigger than the brand new ones, feeding time was becoming hazardous. Castor, in particular, like to stomp on the tiny babies and steal their bottles. Billies will be billies, eh? I finally tossed him over the fence this morning, so everyone else could eat in peace. Yeah right, there is nothing peaceful about 11 starving -to-death – bottle babies and only 2 hands. Or even 4 hands, as I had a helper (Uncle Gordan, Dad helped bottle feed today). Time to start lambar training. Hooray. The lambar is a 5 gallon bucket with nipples sticking out of it. Each nipple has a straw on it and the baby learns to suck up her milk. We have 2 lambars, with 6 nipples each. So that will be enough for everyone (some of the kids have already been picked up). It’ll take a few days for the kids to learn how, but it is so worth it once they learn! Lambars are the best thing ever.film A Dog’s Purpose 2017