4.8.2010 A Goat Dairy

I am thrilled to say I met a very
interesting lady in Bandera yesterday.  I am even more thrilled to say she liked
my soap and chappie and bought some to sell at her lodge, outside of Tarpley.
Looking at the website, it looks like a really neat place, www.stonyridgeranch.com   AND, she
loves to cook and is interested in some goat cheese.   Which resurfaces our
desire to open our own dairy.  Trey and I really want to find a way to live off
the ranch and raise our family together.  And we want to do it with the goats.
It is starting to feel like the soap and skin care line is definantly something
I can do from home in lieu of working outside the home and sending the boys to
daycare.  But I don’t think we could support our family that way.  So Trey works
in town during the week.  But if we could open a grade A dairy, I think we could
both work at home.  So many people have expressed an interest in it and
encouraged it.  Everyone we talk to that has managed to get licensed, is very
happy with it.  Is this the direction God wants us to go?

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