4.29.2010 Dreamin’

I am getting so anxious about all these
babies.  I didn’t even get like this when I was pregnant with my own babies.  I
dreamed last night that Axis had her baby on a wood pile.  It was a single
doeling and a beautiful girl, solid red.  But Axis wasn’t Axis, she was my
childhood cat.  STRANGE!!  Everytime I see her by herself I run over and try to
see if anything is happening.  But nothing.  On another note, I am relieved to
report that Crimson is back to normal.  We had friends over this afternoon, and
the boys were playing in the goat pens.  Crimson was laying on the ground,
rolling around and making goofy noises.  My friend was very concerned, and kept
asking if she was OK.  Oh yeah, that’s just her personality.  She’s a loud mouth
and she likes to be part of things.  So she’s entertaining the boys.  The boys
thought it was hilarious and just kept giggling, which only egged her on.  Goofy
girl!  Oh, and on a different note ~ turns out bluebonnets are toxic to goats.
No, I didn’t find out the hard way, thank goodness.  I have been very dispointed
that we never have any bluebonnets on our ranch.  We have lots of other
wildflowers, but no blue bonnets.  So I bought a dozen plants to plant by the
gate and let spread out into the front field.  Thank Goodness, I decided to ask
on my life-saving forum, www.diarygoatinfo.com, and sure enough,
there is a reason you never see bluebonnets in fields with goats and sheep.
Whew!  They say the goats won’t eat them unless they are starving.  And my goats
are hardly starving.  But they also haven’t been known to make the wisest
decisions, so I’m not tempting them.