4.25.2010 Wa, wa

I have been listening to Em cry all
day.  She is in with the billies.  It’s her first time away from the herd since
she came to live here.  We are a little confused about her right now.  First,
there was this sudden change in personalities I told you about the other day.
Split personalities, really.  She’s also gained  A LOT of weight the past few
weeks.  Either she is just becoming a real easy keeper with all this green
grass, or she came here bred and we didn’t know it.  We worm on a regular
schedule and she never looked wormy to begin with, so I don’t think that was a
problem.  Also, since she started behaving, her milk production has drastically
dwindled.  In fact, we discussed drying her up and breeding her soon since she
isn’t producing much, and we don’t know how long she was in milk before she came
here.  Then we’d keep a doeling off her and sell her in milk.  That was when she
was still being a jerk.  I’ll keep her if she stays well behaved.  But, if she
is bred that heavy, we should have quit milking her 6 weeks ago!  And we have no
idea what she is bred to.  I don’t think the ranch she came from had anything
other than dairy goats, but I do think they had different breeds of dairy
goats.  I’ll have to look for that phone number and make a call if she kids.
So we didn’t milk her yesterday (that’s how we dry ’em up around here.  cold
turkey.  poor girl)  Trey went ahead and  moved her over to the billie pen, just
in case.  And now she’s crying.  Either the pain from the full utter or the
anxiety about being seperated from her herd.  Probably both.