4.10.2010 Angel

Still haven’t tried the yogurt.  I’m
working on that.  Maybe I’ll make Dad try it first.  So anyway, I’ve decided to
start sharing a little bit about each of the girls so you can get to know them
better.  I’m starting with Angel.  She’s our fancy goat.  She is from the Saada
herd (www.saadagoats.com) , who is
considered one of the best nubian herds in the nation.  Angel was born in
Wyoming and flew into Bush Intercontinental Airport as a young doeling.  She and
Orian flew in together.  They arrived in a very large dog carrier.  Angel came
to live with us less than a year later.  She spent the first year of her life on
Rambar Ranch.  She came down with staph mastitis during her first freshening.
They treated it well and were able to save her bag.  She still produces milk on
both sides, which is great!  Last year was her second freshening.  We bought her
just a few weeks after she kidded.  The bad side didn’t make as much milk as the
good side, but the milk it made was fine.  I am anxious to see how she does this
year.  She should be freshening here in about one more month.  I think she is
carrying triplets, because she is already huge!  She is such a sweet girl.
Angel loves being pet.  They all do, but she really craves the attention.  You
can tell she was spoiled as a doeling.  For example, when we trim hooves, Angel
will literally lay on her side, with her legs out for us to attend to her feet.
She throws her head up for her neck rub and just lays there, allowing us to give
her a neck rub while she gets her pedicure.  It’s hilarious.  Then we have to
force her back up when it’s over.  She’ll just stand there looking at us, like
“well, what’s next?”.  Oh I love that goat.  I hope she does have trips.  And I
hope they are all girls just like her.