All of our lotions, body butters, and soaps are available in these fantastic fragrances!

Amazing Grace – a bouquet of lily, jasmine & hyacinth

Angel Baby – a woody floral with patchouli & jasmine

Lavender – an herbal, European fragrance

Black Dress – combination of roses, blood orange, carnation, musk & patchouli

Herbal Mist – a fantastically clean fragrance of tropical flowers

Grapefruit – like a taste of grapefruit, sprinkled with sugar

Green Tea & Cucumber – crisp and fresh like a day spa

Starry Night – a warm blend of sandalwood, pine & amber

Sweet Almond – a sweet combo of almonds & black cherry

  ❤ Hope❤   is a fresh fragrance blended with apricots, coconut, vanilla, sweet corn and orchids. Available only in our 2-oz Travel Lotions. For every ❤ Hope❤ travel lotion sold, 1 is donated to a grieving mother.

Dude! – a sporty scent with notes of clover, sandalwood & verbena

Man – a clean and masculine scent, with just a bit of cologne

Leather – this is our Cowboy smell. If you’ve spent time around horses and tack rooms, you know exactly what this smells like

Scruffy – our special blend for him. It’s a light scent, reminiscent of bayrum, with a warm touch of amber. This is the blend we use in our Billy Goat Scruff shave soap, calming cream, and 2-n-1 Shampoo Bar

Seasonal Scents – we enjoy offering Seasonal Options (such as Beach Blanket and Texas Snowflake, among others). These differ from year to year and are considered Limited Editions, as they rotate through production. We don’t always have these posted on the website, but feel free to email us to see if we have your favorite in stock, or when we plan to make it again.