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8.9.2010 Photo Shoot

My nephew and his fiance had their engagement photos taken the other day. On our place. Yay! Nikki has fallen in love with the Nuluv girls and they took some really cute picutres with the goaters! Backstrap, Cavan’s goat, seems to have fallen in love with John. There is one picture with Backstrap standing in […]

8.8.2010 Beauty Day and more than you ever wanted to know about Billy goats

The girls got all dolled up this afternoon. Pedicures for every one, new necklaces, cydectin cocktails (wormer med) and a CDT injection. Then they were photographed and cast into a breeding pen with their arranged sire. Oh, Juke-Box was excited. I could smell him all the way in the house (not really, but I can […]

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8.7.2010 Lotion

I have been working on my lotion and body butter concoctions (spelled phonetically) for the past few weeks. I finally have the lotion ready. I took my first batch to a craft show in Helotes today ( I took 14 bottles and came home with 4. I am very pleased with that! Goat milk is […]

7.15.2010 Anybody need servicing?

I went up to the breeding pen this morning to water the girls and Tonto. I think he has become bored by them. It’s been about a month, so they are most likely bred and want nothing to do with him. He kept looking behind me like he was wondering if I had brought him […]

7.5.2010 Peachy, just peachy

The big boys and I have been fighting. I am afraid they are winning, and are most likely not even aware that we are fighting. We (“we” being Trey & I, not the billies) have a lovely peach tree in the billy pasture. It is well established and is bearing massive amounts of fruit this […]

6.8.2010 Suspended Account

BOO!!!! I have been out of commision for 4 days. Well, not me, but our website has. We finally have things straightened out. Apparently, I have more to learn regarding the differences in website hosting and domain names. Boring. But that’s all behind us now and we are back on line. Watch Full Movie Online […]