7.5.2010 Peachy, just peachy

The big boys and I have been fighting. I am afraid they are winning, and are most likely not even aware that we are fighting. We (“we” being Trey & I, not the billies) have a lovely peach tree in the billy pasture. It is well established and is bearing massive amounts of fruit this year. And I can not keep the billies off of it! Trey has been putting up panel wire around the base of the tree, but the billies already know how yummy those fresh juicy peaches are and they just knock the panel wire over. This morning, I was heading out to do chores, and I saw Juke-Box, standing on his back legs, holding a peach tree branch down for Orian to plunder. They are cooperating and working as a team to undermine me. I started hollering at them and they just looked at me, smacking, with my juicy peaches running down their furry necks. Jerks.