5.10.2010 Spring Kidding has begun

OK, I feel like I need to fill you in
better on the first two births.  We had friends over for the weekend (we all
camped along the river), so yesterday’s blogging had to be brief.  Saturday
afternoon, my dear friend Roxanne and her wonderful fiance, Kevin, came over for
the festivities.  I was down at the river when they arrived, so I drove up to
the house to meet them.  Kevin said “I see you have 2 brand new babies”.  What?
I was so excited.  I just ran off.  Straight to the barn to see Eclipse’s little
ones.  I was so excited to hear she had twins.  I threw open the gate, and there
was Angel.  cleaning up kid number 2.  Duh.  She had been in the barn by herself
all morning.  Really, sometimes I think my brains have completly turned to poo.
Why didn’t I realize she was in the barn, by herself, for a sliglhty obvious
reason?  She was only enormous.  Well, she has two very healthy and very big
boys.  As I told you yesterday.  So we made sure all was well and headed
back down to the river.  We like to keep the kids with their dams for the first
12 hours or so, then we pull them and bring them into the house.  Which is
almost as heart breaking as disbudding.  But I’m jumping ahead of myself.  So,
that night, I came back up to the barn to check on things.  I just barely missed
Eclipse giving birth.  Again, kid number 2 was in the process of being cleaned
up.  Two precious little doelings, as I told you yesterday.  All 4 kids
relocated to my living room Sunday afternoon (much to Cavan’s delight) and are
happily bonding with me and the bottles.  Then, Sunday evening, Axis FINALLY
kidded.  We were totally off about her bred/due date!  I am pleased to announce
the births of 2 more doelings.  YAY!!!  They are both a reddish brown and one
has white and gray moon spots all over.  Names are still in the brew bucket.
They came in to the house this morning, and are doing well.  So it looks like we
may have a doeling spring.  Wouldn’t that be great!  3 does freshened, 7 to go.
Lana and Bling look like they could go any minute, but as of now, they are both
out at pasture with the herd.  Well, not really “out”.  They are all hanging out
by the garden getting to know Mellow.  Mellow is a saanen doe we purchased last
weekend.  We haven’t put her in with the herd yet, because she has a bad leg and
is pregnant.  Goats are kind of cruel.  They will be up on a new member of the
herd, and they will beat up on a goat that is lame.  And I just don’t want her
to get beat up and lose her babies.  So she is by herself, on the other side of
the fence.  Hopefully, this will allow everyone to get to know her better and
maybe accept her easier when she is moved over.  She is a 7 year old, so she’s
got 4 years on all the others.  I am hoping that will also work to her
advantage.  Time to run, I have 6 kids crying for bottles.  Oh joy!  Really,
joy!  I’ll get pictures posted on the birth announcements page soon.

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