4.6.2010 Axis

It looks like Axis will be
kidding sometime within the next week.  Axis is our only non-nubian.  When we
sold all of our meat goats last year, we just couldn’t part with Axis.  She
is beautiful pinto who was born last March.  She has great genetics and we just
knew she’d have beautiful babies if we bred her with Tonto.  So the plan was to
wait a year to breed her and we would slowly breed the spanish out and have a
beautiful Nubian Grade line through her offspring.  That plan changed last fall
when she managed to get into the buck pen.  Littly hussy.  I’m not sure when
exactly that was.  I marked the calendar, but forgot about transfering that date
when we put our 2010 calendar up.  Oops.  So we don’t know who she is bred to,
or when she is due.  But it looks like it is coming up.  She has started acting
all strange and being extra ornery.  You can also tell that the baby has started
dropping.  Her ligaments are starting to cave in, so it should be soon.  I am
guessing the last cold front of the season will do it, which should be
tomorrow?  Yikes.  Better get the kiddin’ stuff out . . .